One of the most fast-paced, most addictive games on iOS! Quick striking ability with all the patience in the world, that is what you will need to gain a high score in this game. Swipe the colors that match the goal color as they come, but don't swipe the wrong color, because it will add to the count of colors you needed to get rid of! Easy to learn and hard to master! This game's concept is certainly easy to grasp at first, but lets see how far you get when more elements are added! With heart-pumping music and awesome sound effects, you wont be able to put this game down! Can you reach the highest level and gain the highest score? Only if you have the best skills. Good luck!

 The Over 200 emojis to choose from! Choose "Yomotes" to share with friends on most social media platforms or to put on your short list of favorites. With three categories to choose from, there are many way to express yourself! Create custom memes without restrictions and add your favorite "Yomotes" to them as stickers. Or just leave them blank as an ill meme. Just choose the "Meme Maker" option and go make incredible custom memes! This app is totally free to use!


 The Harness the power of sharing emojis that are inspired by the best video games of all time! In this pixelated paradise you can also send your favorite everyday emojis in the best form ever, retro pixelated. Over 50 emojis to choose from and save the ones that you like the most as favorites. Create custom memes and choose the emoji that best suits the moment you want to share. This app is totally free to use and download!


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